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Helping small business to grow and expand entrepreneurs through technology


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Penham is one of the few companies established with the vision to make Africa great again. We plan on doing this focusing on important parts of business. Technology, Procurement, Business consultancy and hiring the best professionals to get work done are our main focus.

"Expand and conquer new ideas. There is a lot of room at the top for your business don’t settle for less."

We work with you tirelessly to achieve your company's goals and aspiration with you being the head of the team.

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our solutions are created based on the most effective and effecient business trends to empower your website with everything you need to establish your corporate, start-up, or even personal website.

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We provide trusted procurement service in office suppliers, computers and accessories, other major company specific equipment needed by various companies etc.

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We boast of expertise in web and software development, data analysis, and other IT solutions all to help your business keep up with the world and serve your customers well.

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We do a very thorough analysis of the problems brought to us and recommend solutions tailored to specific problems with various aspects of business. Our customers who seek our assistance are given update on a regular basis to stay relevant and compete.

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We provide assistance in outsourcing the services of professionals In diverse fields, with assurances of quality work and punctual delivery. We make sure that both the customer and professional are satisfied.

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Penham is a company that really puts the needs of their customers first and it was really a wise decision to employ their services. Their punctuality and innovation makes working them such a joy.

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Pricilla Quagrine

Support Service GCB

Wanting to make the leap from a small local business to somewhat middle class business. I needed some very quality office supplies at very competitive prices to be able to serve my growing customers. Penham assisted me and now my customers and myself are happy.

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Mariam Suleman

Nextzone Computers

Breaking into a new market can be one of the most feared and stressful part of business. Penham was recommended to me by a friend and I can say boldly with a sense of gratification that I have never regretted my decision to hire their services. It was so much fun working with a team who put the customer’s needs first. Which isn’t popular around here.

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Angela Koranteng

Owner at Stembees


Fequently asked question

Depending on the task you will want to perform. Website will well be suited for a company that has most of its customers just viewing the site and not having any real interaction via the website. For web app there is a lot of data flow on the web app as well as interactions between the company and its customers on the website requiring a lot of functionalities.
Yes! Since the introduction of the internet the world has actually become a global village. Tons of Information is transferred over the internet every minute and accessed by trillions of people. Having a website allows you to reach a larger market which intend increases your revenue.
Moving from being a small local business to a multinational conglomerate needs a lot of upgrades, of which quality office equipment and accessories play an integral part of. This reduces the time to perform tasks and the quality of work produced therefore increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Penham Co.Ltd is your best bet for the best and quality equipment and office supply to make that leap.
We cannot overstate the relevance of customers to a business. In that business is all about the customers. Engraining the customers first concept into the core values of our company is of outmost priority to us. Having had our executives gain some training from Japan, the forebears of such an important value, we are the best you can get around.
Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computer power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud service platform via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. As such making your company data secure and available on demand. Eliminating the stress of a physical data center and its limitations.

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steady growth of africa

The ever growing continent of Africa is exploring new trends and increasing in economic capacity

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International exchange and stock Market

Receive updates on the international stock and exchange market as and when it happens.

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Analysing Business strategy

for managment level analysis of your business, paying attention to details that are usually overlooked

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