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Information Technology

We at Penham cannot stress so much how the emergence of the internet and IT has seen a tremendous boost in business in the 21st century. It has increased efficiency and helped companies conquer ideas which were previously deemed unachievable.

We have experts in areas of IT who have vast experience in business as well as technology and will aid you increase your company’s relevance and income levels. We seek to aid you yet still allowing you remain the head of the team that get solutions tailored to your problem.

Some challenges faced

Due to our meticulous nature and love for quality everlasting solutions, we find it difficult helping customers get solutions peculiar to their problems. Since they usually want solutions similar to other customers which they admire. Our punctual and honest nature is sometimes too much for customers to handle. They have been used to services below par and have accepted it as a norm.

Our Work Strategies

  • Analysize Project
  • Make Plan & Approach
  • Service Cost Planing
  • Research the Market
  • Make the Final Output

Special Services

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With the fast shift of the global market on to the internet and the increased amount of traffic on the internet. Your business needs a world class website or web app to stay relevant to your customers. Increase your market reach and get products to your customers at their door step. Life gets easier with a wonderful and functioning website. E-commerce, Personal blog, NGO, Cooperate, Schools and local store websites are designed and developed by us. Stay connected and relevant with a website developed by us.

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The data from our everyday transactions can be extremely helpful in assessing our businesses. It helps us know well our products are doing on the market or how bad they are doing. Data fetched can also tell us how positively we are helping the society and how to make our services more relevant. Penham does a very comprehensive analysis and recommendation by meticulously and diligently analyzing your company data.

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Enterprise resource planning is a process whereby a company, often a manufacturer, manages and integrates the important parts of its business. An ERP management information system integrates areas such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources.

With Penham being an efficient software developing company as well as helping companies to maximize profit and the ERP being software based, we assure you of a very effective software for large companies to help run successful and smooth businesses.

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Agile software development is when we at penham use the modernized approach to develop custom software for our customers with efficiency and effectiveness as our aim. We follow this approach for all software projects which is much more accommodating for testing and running software. We develop mobile software for various platform like android and ios.